Getting Old

John Weatherall

A track that thoughtfully reflects on aging.

Musical creative, John Weatherall, is a singer and songwriter who prefers to tell stories with distinction. With the element of storytelling in his blood, Weatherall’s music not only shows off his distinctive style, it also makes it clear that he has something essential to say. His messages are always the soulful, kind things we often need to remember to live satisfying lives. Some of Weatherall’s other work includes tracks like “Born,” “Heaven,” “Turn Back Time,” and “Dance to the Future.” These songs, and others, are available on Spotify and Apple Music. John Weatherall’s recent drop is the slightly-country single, “Getting Old.” This song is also featured on Weatherall’s new album of the same name.

Mellow instrumentals and a voice aged with singing experience make the message as powerful as the lyrics. “Getting Old” is an intimate look at how we feel emotionally about our aging, and what we might do to change the pain. Lyrics like “I feel so lost inside, it doesn’t matter how I try, I feel so empty inside” and “When I feel I’m getting old, my life has nothing to show, my time is running slow” express sadness at letting time go on. However, that doesn’t mean that everything amounts to nothing. Instead, it’s a hint to getting yourself up and working on something to be proud of living for. This soft soundscape and emotional examination of these struggles remind us of our good years, young and old. At the same time, they tell us that we aren’t done by a long shot, even if we feel like we’re just too old to continue living a meaningful life. So, press play on the song to learn what’s essential to remember as you are “Getting Older.”