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Mew Suppasit Shimmers In “FOREVER LOVE”


Mew Suppasit

“FOREVER LOVE” is a dynamic dance track that, ironically, you’re going to want to play over and over again.

Mew Suppasit is a bestselling Thai singer, actor, songwriter, model, and CEO of Mew Suppasit Studio. Though he wears several different hats, he has a genuine and authentic personality that makes his work stand out. Some of Mew’s most popular tracks are “Before 4:30,” “Season of You,” and “Our Time.” His latest release is the exuberant “FOREVER LOVE.”

“FOREVER LOVE” is about indulging in a friendship or romance you can never get enough of. What listeners will enjoy about the song is that it boasts uptempo and sparkly production, comforting and bubbly vocals, touching and warm lyrics, and a rap verse that gives the song a nice little punch. Overall, “FOREVER LOVE,” which was produced by successful Korean producer Nthonius, is a track that has worldwide appeal.

Give Mew Suppasit’s feel-good track “FOREVER LOVE” a shot by clicking here.






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