NBA YoungBoy (Ft. D-ROK)

NBA YoungBoy is flooding the streets with music right now.

Despite all that is going on in his life, like welcoming his 10th child, NBA YoungBoy is locked in! At this point, it feels like we are getting a new release from the Louisiana rapper every week. This past weekend, he decided to drop his collaborative effort with D-ROK called “Military.”

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For the first time in a while, NBA isn’t the one that does the heavy lifting for a song. In “Military,” D-ROK sets the tone with a Birdman-Esque hook that boasts choppy flows and army-related lyrics. As for NBA, I absolutely love how he switches between frenzied raps and passionate vocals. All in all, I think “Military” is a nice little bop.

Give “Military” a shot below.