G U Y Is A "Know It All"

Know It All


An influential pop-rap song that cuts deep.

Guy Williamson, known professionally as G U Y, is a UK-based artist, producer, and rapper. G U Y first began his artistic journey at the age of 5 when he learned how to play the piano. Around the age of 14, his interest shifted from playing the piano to producing music. While producing, G U Y discovered he had a natural singing and rapping ability, which led him to seriously pursue a career in music. As a result, 2020 saw the release of his debut album titled “Lift Off.” Since then, he’s had moderate success. Now, G U Y is back with the new single, “Know It All,” where he lets his guard down.

“Know It All” is about bottling up your emotions until you reach the point where the world needs to know how you really feel. All of the things G U Y has been struggling with internally, he finally lets out. He begins the song with an impeccable verse that takes you into his own subconscious. Then, he effortlessly switches from rapping to singing a powerful chorus, and it feels like two artists combined in one. So many deep themes are explored in the song, like feelings of doubt and rejection. Lyrics like “But I’ve always been an anxious kid, an awkward kid and people paint me like a portrait that I’m scared to be myself” delves into people’s perceptions that have been projected onto him. “Know It All” is a track that anyone can identify with. It feels like G U Y is not only speaking for himself but for everyone. Stream G U Y’s “Know It All” to help with unleashing your own emotions.