Obi Alfred

Obi Alfred flexes his vocal skills in this song.

Obichukwu Alfred-Igbokwe, also known as Obi Alfred, is a singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas. Though he sounds like a veteran artist these days, he didn’t always have music at the forefront of his life. It wasn’t until he attended college in San Francisco that he started to take his craft seriously. Now that he’s fully engulfed in his music, he has blessed us with his debut track, “Mind.”

“Mind” is all about appreciating every single feature that your woman has to offer. What I love about the song is that it boasts this uptempo R&B beat that allows Obi to hit us with a little bit of passion, a little bit of pizazz, and lots of charm. I also enjoy how the artist switches his melodies often, never allowing himself to get comfortable with a particular style.

Give Obi Alfred’s “Mind” a shot and a half below.






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