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Back To You

Alexander Stewart

A pop tune about trying to heal old wounds.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Alexander Stewart, is a Canadian singer and songwriter with an amazing voice. With plenty of passion for his work, the Toronto native spends most of his time writing songs about heartbreak. Some of Stewart’s previous well-received tracks include “Backwards,” “House of Cards,” and “echo.” All of these hits and more are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. According to Stewart, his new tune, “Back To You,” is about “how even when something ends, your heart and brain will find ways to remind you of the other person in almost everything you do.” The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

An instantly immersive backdrop of soothing instrumentals makes this a relaxing, but sad song. “Back To You” provides the perfect tone for a moody breakup reflection. Lyrics like “Thought by eight months that I’d be better / By now I’d have it together / That I’d left the worst behind” and “Scared that I’ll never find / Someone that loved me and touched me like you” reminisce on an old flame that the artist can’t seem to let go of. However, it seems like the flame has moved on and left the artist very lonely. These heart-tugging moments help Stewart’s latest creation stir up your emotions. So, press play on “Back To You” to wonder how much it will take for someone to come.

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