“B.O.W” is a motivational rap track that has tons of grit attached to it.

TEF XL is a rapper from Jacksonville, Florida who I feel has a very refreshing sound. What I think listeners will like the most about him are his honest lyrics and impactful deliveries. Listeners will also like the powerful beats that he usually likes to do his work over. TEF, who has been featured in major publications such as Lyrical Lemonade, Hollywood Unlocked, Rollacoaster, and The Source, has accumulated tons of streams off of singles like “RNR,” “Say Less,” and “Deuces.” His latest single is the very emphatic “B.O.W”

In “B.O.W,” TEF XL raps about the hard work, determination, and skills that are needed to be successful in any industry. One of the things that I love about the song is that it features a hard-hitting, grungy, synth-driven instrumental that will make you feel grandiose inside. I also love how TEF XL plows through the instrumental using a style of rapping that straddles the line between aggressive and laidback. All in all, I see no way that you can walk away from this song not feeling motivated.

The music video to “B.O.W” is just as raw as the song. In it, TEF is seen putting music together and reflecting on his hard work. The visuals will definitely resonate with inspiring artists.

Give “B.O.W” by TEX XL a shot below.


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