Dylan Dunlap Feels Like You're "Bad For Me"

Bad For Me

Dylan Dunlap

A contemporary pop song about finally letting go.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Dylan Dunlap is a singer, songwriter, and producer that isn’t afraid to be expressive. Growing up, Dunlap was obsessed with music and had a gift for playing the piano. As a result of his hobby, he attended Berklee College of Music before seriously pursuing music. The adversity Dunlap has overcome in his life is a tool for his musical storytelling. The themes in his songs are broad; they range from mental health to estranged relationships with family. Dunlap’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. “Bad For Me” is his new single. In it, he realizes the one he loves isn’t so good for him.

“Bad For Me” is the ultimate confessional song, and it’s needed. Dunlap realizes this relationship he’s in is doomed to fail, so he decides it’s time to be honest. The song is about recognizing you’ll only get hurt in the long run. Lyrics like “I want everything good as it seems but deep down I know you’re bad for me” and “I love you but my love ain’t blind” show he’s no longer in denial about how brutal this relationship is. Dunlap’s voice is steady and in control as he so daintily breaks the truth. We’ve all experienced what Dunlap sings about: Knowing it’s time to say goodbye because the cons far outweigh the pros. Sadly, it’s much easier said than done, and in this case, it’s like ripping off a band-aid. So, stream Dylan Dunlap’s “Bad For Me” to help with overcoming your own dead relationship.