Natali Noor

A wicked creation with a seductive, dark tone.

Stockholm-based musical creative, Natali Noor, is a Swedish-Iranian artist, producer, songwriter, and composer. The artist’s long-standing passion for music inspired her to begin making her own songs when she was only nine years old. Noor’s obvious talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. This year, Spotify chose her to be their first-ever RADAR songwriter. Additionally, her image has appeared on a billboard in Times Square. As a result, her music has gained fame. Noor’s pieces are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Her latest drop, “Snake,” arrived just in time for spooky season.

A snappy backdrop of infectious, feel-good beats means that there’s something darker hiding underneath. “Snake” provides an immersive, dance-ready soundscape that remains wicked and dark. Lyrics like “Done with drinking toxic lies / I don’t wanna see your poison eyes” and “Around my neck, yellow eyes / Such a beautiful disguise / Realised I was your prey / and you almost got away” reminisce on almost being seduced by a toxic individual. At the same time, there’s really no mention of how to escape the same toxic person. Sadly, that means you might be stuck. With its bold declarations and plenty of moody moments, Noor delivers a twisted tale that’s perfect for Halloween. Press play on the song, but don’t let yourself get seduced by a “Snake.”

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