Woman in a Suit

Carina Marie

A meaningful pop single that explores gender roles.

Pleasantville, NY native, Carina Marie, is an emerging singer, actor, and songwriter with a passion for entertaining others. A lover of music and theatre, Marie recently graduated with a BFA in musical theater from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. In addition to performing and making music, she also recently completed writing her first play. Her unique sound offers “buttery vocals, cinched right harmonies, and catchy anthems.” The singer describes her style as a combo of Sarah Bareilles fused with a Lily Allen wannabe. Clearly, she has the skill to do anything, but her focus remains mostly on pop music with staggering modern issues as a base. All of Carina’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Her latest drop is the pop single, “Woman in a Suit.”

Diving right in with an instantly infectious blend of instrumentals, “Woman in a Suit” is empowering and bold. This song provides a captivating backbeat to complement a fierce, yet thoughtful reflection. Lyrics like “You think you’re so mighty and strong / Since you’re a man you could never be wrong” and “What if I was respected like a man? Would you listen to me if I’m wearing the pants?” examine the labels placed on men and women. The gender norms imposed are wildly different, and the addressing is what Marie cares about most in this song. This song proposes what it’s like to be a woman by threatening men with a what-if scenario. However, it also reminds us that we aren’t alone in that fight. For any woman that’s ever felt the pressure of gender stereotypes, this is the perfect hit. So press play below and become a commanding “Woman in a Suit.”

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