when she was mine

Zach Hood

A hypnotic pop gem about the pains of lost love.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Zach Hood, is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who enjoys crafting music out of memories. Within his lifetime, Hood’s earliest memories involve belting out Bruno Mars songs as a toddler. During his youth, he also taught himself the piano and began taking requests for song covers. As a result, he dived into music as a career to make the most of his passion. In 2021, the Alabama native finally released his debut single, “Flashbacks,” which amassed 4.8 million streams on Spotify. This song, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Zach Hood’s latest drop is the pop single, “when she was mine.” The song also has an accompanying official video.

A guitar-driven backdrop of infectious instrumentals makes this a sweet little song that sounds like a fairy tale. “when she was mine” sets the perfect tone for its bittersweet tale of heartbreak. At the same time, it maintains a beautiful and nostalgic soundscape. Lyrics like “She wants a family dog and three old kids / A wrap around porch with a swing on it” and “Holds her hand and holds her tight / Wants a man that loves her more than life” reminisce on the desires of an old flame and what could have been. However, it also reminds us of what we could have and encourages us not to give it up too soon. We never know what we might want in life until it’s gone. With plenty of emotional moments, Hood gifts us a heartfelt listen that’s sure to connect with anyone who’s experienced the pains of heartbreak and moving on from a former love. So, press play, and experience the ache of lost love with Zach Hood’s “when she was mine.”

“when she was mine” will be on Zach Hood’s forthcoming BLOSSOM album.

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