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In My Head

Juice WRLD

Another unreleased Juice WRLD track hits streaming services.

It’s astonishing how many unreleased Juice WRLD songs are out there. Last week, we were blessed with a brand new gem from him called “Bye Bye.” Today, Juice’s estate decided to bless us with yet another release: “In My Head.”

“In My Head” is yet another emo-hop track from Juice WRLD. In the song, he chillingly sings about trying to figure out where his life started taking a tumble. While the song has a pretty depressing backstory and lonely vibes attached to it, you do get a beat that has some knock to it and an animated vocal performance that will catch your attention. All in all, “In My Head” is yet another bittersweet emotional banger from the fallen Juice.

I really hope we get some positive-sounding music out of Juice on his next album.

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