SZA can have my vital organs.

I love SZA. No, like, seriously, I love SZA! Not only does she have a solid voice, but she also comes across as a real one that I wouldn’t mind being stuck at home with during a snowy day. Anywho, today, SZA decided to return to the music scene with “Shirt,” a track in which she comes across as sexily clingy.

In “Shirt,” SZA keeps it real about the conflicted feelings that she feels about her ex. Throughout the song, you get passionate vocals out of the TDE singer as she tries to keep up with a beat that has a rhythm that the late-great Aaliyah would’ve loved. If I were to guess, the music video to this song will feature shifty dancing and dudes getting curved like tests from a class full of slackers.

Give “Shirt” by SZA a shot below.

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