CryJaxx Assures Us “It Was All A Dream”

A house single that treasures the good times.

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It Was All A Dream

CryJaxx ft. Justtokay & Dubbygotbars

A house single that treasures the good times.

Europe-based music team, CryJaxx, is an Albanian DJ and record production musical duo made up of Mario Malja and Serafin Frroku. Together, this twosome crafts tunes that are injected with elements of trap, hip-hop, moombahton, pop, and dance-pop. As a result, their hits showcase a wide variety of different genres and styles. CryJaxx first began producing their own work when they were just 13 years old, taking strong influence from the modern EDM scene. Since then, the duo has released over 120 tracks and worked with numerous artists from all over the world. The duo’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and their own website. One of CryJaxx’s recent drops is the electronic single “It Was All A Dream,” featuring artists Justtokay and Dubbygotbars. The song also has an accompanying music video.

A hypnotic blend of lush beats makes “It Was All A Dream” uplifting and bouncy. Its backdrop complements a heartfelt reflection on what’s important to live for. Lyrics like “I was down, but always knew it was timing / Through the dark, there’s always a silver lining” and “Crazy how everything’s moving so fast / Cherish these moments, you know it won’t last” remind us to take a second to appreciate the good times. CryJaxx, Justtokay, and Dubbygotbars gift us a mesmerizing house collab that will have you dancing all night long. So, press play on “It Was All A Dream” to remember that bad times will seem like dreams in the long run.

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