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Chase Martin Doesn't Regret His "Actions"


Chase Martin

A melodic rap track about destructive love.

Hailing from Easley, South Carolina, Chase Martin, is an artist with a passion for rapping. He first discovered rap at the age of 6 and shortly began writing his own lyrics in middle school. Over the years, Martin worked to record 25 songs, with even more to come. His music has unforgettable melodies with lyrics that keep it real. Martin’s discography is available on Spotify. His latest single comes off his newly released EP Back Like I Never Left. Chase Martin’s newest hit, “Actions,” lives up to the reputation of keeping it real.

“Actions” begins with a beat that’s dreamy and mellow, so it puts you in the right mood. Martin captures the listener’s attention with his smooth and charming voice as he raps about dealing with no ordinary girl. At the same time, he’s doing his best hustling to get by but his girl isn’t supportive of his come-up. Lyrics like “Every time I’m thinking that I’m up, she be taking me down/ Think she is playing me now/ got me frustrated cause how you gon do me like that?” explain that there are more valleys than there are peaks in this relationship. Instead of giving in to her toxicity, Martin has decided to take the high road and not fight back. He puts his energy into his music and passions instead of this messy love. So, stream Chase Martin’s “Actions” to help deal with the actions of others in your own dysfunctional relationships.

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