Drake and 21 Savage are a winning combination in “Her Loss.”




Honorable Mention. Privileged Rappers

Drake and 21 Savage kill ’em softly in “Privileged Rappers.”

I guess “Privileged Rappers” is a romantic track, right? In the song, Drake raps about smashing women in banks, while 21 Savage raps about smashing women in cars and giving them johnson fried rice for lunch. I guess the duo uses their sexy voices throughout the song. I guess the beat is sort of on some bedroom-type s**t. I guess women get turned on when 21 Savage raps about opps dying…



5. Major Distribution

Drake and 21 Savage go stupider than Ted Cruz in “Major Distribution.”

After Drake plays a ghetto Ray Charles for about half a minute, “Major Distribution” turns into a bass-booming bop that pays homage to Bad Bunny, Mekhi Phifer, Macaulay Culkin, Steve Francis, Andrew Wiggins, and people who don’t call cops when they get jammed up. More than anything, the chemistry between Drake and 21 is what makes this particular track special. Like, they pass the savage baton to each other like it’s a rap relay.



4. On BS

Yo, I just did the best workout ever to “On BS!”

“On BS” features one of the simplest hooks of all time. Literally, 21 Savage says he’s on that bulls**t over and over again. The good news is this: The hook sounds excellent over the slick-ass trap beat that powers the song. Do you know what else sounds dope over the beat? Drake and 21 Savage’s trash-talking and blatant chest-sticking. Like, throughout their verses, they make it seem like they can upgrade a chick more effectively than the Nets can upgrade a roster.

3. Broke Boys

Someone needs to tell Drake that America was built off broke-ass people like myself!

Shots fired! In “Broke Boys,” Drake and 21 Savage make sure to let us know that our music is trash, that our Adidas gear sucks, that they are down to make us a Halloween outfit (By turning us into ghosts), and that they refuse to kick it with people that use CoinStar once a year. Though the meat of the song — which features a highly infectious hook, steady flows, and a trap beat that would give a mad scientist a hard-on — is what will catch your attention the most, don’t sleep on the petty-ass end of the song that has lots of na na na boo booing and a menacing beat.

Yo, if we’re keeping it real, Drake is a bully like s**t (Yes, light skin people can be bullies, too).



2. Rich Flex

Of course, Drake and 21 Savage would come out swinging to open up this album!

Honestly, I thought that Her Loss would feature about ten songs that sounded like this. “Rich Flex” boasts the kind of uptempo southern beats that 21 Savage and Drake have been finding common ground on for years now. As expected, the former comes with grim reaper/cold-hearted/doesn’t wash his hands after taking a s**t just to make his woman mad energy, while the latter comes with sweet dude who turns into a gangsta when he hangs out with the bad-ass neighborhood kids energy.



1. Middle of the Ocean

Drake is too damn rich, y’all. I cannot relate to a single bar he said in this song. What the f**k is a Masoney room in the Byblos? Is that a lounge with color TV? Matter of fact, what the f**k is the vava and the cinco sink? Kyrie, let me borrow your Oxford dictionary real quick!

Drake goes ham in the most elegant way possible in “Middle of the Ocean.” Throughout the song, over two different sophisticated-ass beats, he raps about his relationship with Robert Kraft, his top-notch fashion choices, his love for signing contracts, and his high-priced appetite. While you may adore Drake’s fancy punchlines and consistent flows, I’m not going to lie, his lyrics make being rich sound like work.

Drake definitely blacked out in this song. Trust me, he blacked out from drinking MacLellan number 6, not the MacLellan you can find at your local ABC store.


1. Rich Flex (4.5/5)

2. Major Distribution (4/5)

3. On BS (4/5)

4. BackOutsideBoyz (4/5)

5. Privileged Rappers (4/5)

6. Spin Bout U (4/5)

7. Hours In Silence (3.5/5)

8. Treacherous Twins (4/5)

9. Circo Loco (4/5)

10. Pussy & Millions (Ft. Travis Scott) (4/5)

11. Broke Boys (4/5)

12. Middle of the Ocean (4.5/5)

13. Jumbotron Shit Poppin (3.5/5)

14. More M’s (3.5/5)

15. 3AM on Glenwood (4/5)

16. I Guess It’s F**k Me (3.5/5)




I love it when Drake and 21 Savage link up. The cool thing about their relationship is that they’ve grown so much since first collaborating on “Sneakin” a few years ago. With that being said, in Her Loss, I love how petty, immature, and douchey they come across.

Do you know what I like about the beats on this album? A good chunk of them blends uptempo trap vibes with either old-school R&B vibes or debonair hip-hop vibes. I’ve always felt like 21 and Drake sound great over both concoctions. I also thought the samples that the two rappers decided to use throughout the album were unique. For example, I never thought in a million years that I would hear a rap version of Daft Punk’s “One More Time” hit in which lyrics get switched up to highlight the importance of fellatio.

Oh s**t, I just got shook! I was in the middle of writing this conclusion when I realized the girl on the artwork for this album was looking at me like Mona Lisa. Her eyes follow you, bro. Anywho, back to business…

I love me some 21 Savage, but let’s keep it a stack: Drake absolutely clears him on this album. I feel like the self-proclaimed 6 God sounds entertainingly vindictive, hella cold, super competitive, extra snobbish, and uncharacteristically ruthless. He also does a good job of experimenting with a bunch of unique flows and singing styles. On the real, I feel like Drake approached this project like an NBA player that started carefreely gunning for a 50-point game after his team was up by 30. I do like how 21 Savage adds a relatable grittiness to this album, though (Yes, the dude that talks about shooting up opps and having threesomes with his glizzy is the most relatable dude on this album). Also, what 21 did on “3AM on Glenwood” was impressive.

Her Loss has club bangers, a Travis Scott feature, a trill-ass love song, one of the best rap performances of the year, Yeat flows, a Megan Thee Stallion sneak diss, and the perfect amount of sinister vibes. Though I truly believe that listening to an album in which the stars of it make you feel like peons is probably bad for your health, it will definitely be your loss if you don’t indulge in it.

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