Fox Royale Becomes "Carnival Gods"

Carnival Gods

Fox Royale

Why are childhood memories so bittersweet?

Missouri-based indie band, Fox Royale, make catchy indie-rock songs that blend with contemporary pop vibes. Their authentic lyricism touches on real-life issues like mental health, breakups, and breakdowns. In 2020, Fox Royale released their debut single, “Don’t Call Me When You’re Lonely.” Shortly after, they dropped singles “I’m Going Out,” “Blow This Up,” and “Please Don’t Share Your Secrets.” Outside of music releases, they’re also actively touring. All of Fox Royale’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. Recently, Fox Royale released their latest single, “Carnival Gods.”

“Carnival Gods” strikes with its nostalgic memory of being at a local carnival with your date. Strangely enough, even if you never went on this type of date yourself, the generational memory will stick with you enough to understand. The energetic and colorful pop-rock song fuses electric guitars and an upbeat, almost childlike pop beat feels like the first cotton candy bite. At the same time, the song parodies a love story. You would do anything to have this special moment with your date on the top of a Ferris wheel, even when the odds are against you. As a result, we’re left with the instinct and desire to make sure we get there one day. Once you’re on the top, you soak in every second, hoping this moment never ends.

Stream “Carnival Gods” to take a trip down memory lane.

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