Kaala Adores The “Full Moon” Nights

An electronic song about realizing your full potential.

Kaala Loves When There's A "Full Moon"

Full Moon


An electronic song about realizing your full potential.

Kaala is a singer and songwriter who loves to experiment. Before releasing her own music, she began producing song covers. Kaala made her official debut in 2022 with the hit single “Dragon.” Since then, she’s dropped a handful of singles, cementing herself as a full-blown artist. In Kaala’s music, she isn’t afraid to talk about topics that others might deem too intense. She also writes songs that encapsulate her experiences with mental health. Kaala’s self-titled debut album is inspired by her story. She spent two years making it and claims that releasing it was a surreal moment for her. This album is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Kaala’s latest hit, “Full Moon,” comes from the album. The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Full Moon” has such a trippy and earthy sound. There’s a clear South Asian influence on the crafty beat that will get your body moving. With that being said, what we didn’t expect was the depth. Kaala has created an entire universe within this one song. Her voice is sultry and alluring as she pulls you deeper into her bewitching fantasy world. You can feel the confidence oozing from her as she sings about becoming her true self. Lyrics like “Fall down, get up again / up again / no you can’t keep me small” and “Gather my strength to shine through your window” shows us how confident and sure of herself she is. There’s something very beautiful about finally finding your identity, and “Full Moon” highlights that. So, stream Kaala’s “Full Moon” for help on your journey of self-actualization.

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