jimmyturnerbeats x FI$HY

A hip-hop single with heartfelt declarations.

Germany-based musical creative, jimmyturnerbeats, is a beatmaker and executive producer who just started, but is already thriving. Jimmy first began working as an executive producer in January of 2021, and he’s been dropping music ever since. His unique sound gives us “different types and sub-genres of hip hop/rap.” At the same time, he gives his listeners ear-pleasing creations that showcase his out-of-the-box style. This crazy and new music is available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and his own website. In his work, Jimmy collaborates with other artists based all over the world. Recently jimmyturnerbeats teamed up with the artist FI$HY for the hip-hop single “Scars.”

“Scars” is warm and loving, a hug wrapped in the melody of a good song. It sets the perfect tone for a love that loves to heal. As a result, the partner who sings to the listener tries to make them feel loved now, despite what they’ve been through before. Lyrics like “Everything from the past babygirl I know it’s haunting you, Now I’m by your side we gon’ see it thru” and “Know I ain’t gonna run away from you, And I see your scars, but I got some too” offer sweet declarations and promises to that special someone. It’s never too late to try and heal, and this is the right song to heal with. It contains vibrant and infectious elements with heartwarming moments. So, stream jimmyturnerbeats to experience “Scars” of your own. When they’re healing, of course.