Justin King & Miles Canady Want A “sunshower”

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Justin King x Miles Canady

A hip-hop track that radiates good, sunny vibes.

Fort Worth, Texas-based musical creative, Justin King, is an American multi-genre musician, rapper, and singer. Like his brother, Craezo King, Justin similarly works as a musical artist. Both men take inspiration from “multiple genres to bring you a refreshing sound.” In 2017, Justin established his own label, Royal Family Music Group, with Stormz II, Mo, Birdo, and KOZMV. King also performs as a drummer and singer for the indie-pop/rock band, Cherry Mantis. His discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. His newest tune is featured on the multi-genre musician’s recently released five-track hip-hop EP PSD: Sun Pack. For this track,  Justin King teamed up with artist Miles Canady to create “sunshower.”

Lush doesn’t begin to cover the fancy and sunny beats that emcompass a romantic message. “sunshower” provides a bright backdrop that beautifully complements a reminisce of what it is to be in love at any time of year. Lyrics like “I get that vitamins C, I cannot see when you’re shining down” and “When you come around I got the month of May, The sun is never down when you look my way” exude plenty of these good vibes. However, the song wouldn’t be complete without making us feel like we’ve got something worthwhile. It’s meant to help us feel like we can be someone’s sunshine right when they need it. These heartfelt lines help everyone understand that we can brighten anyone’s day whenever we just show up. So, press play on Justin King and brighten someone’s day with your “sunshower.”

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