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Burn Everything

Sean Leon (Ft. Ye)

I suggest that Ye burns every single video interview that he has done in 2022.

If you are a fan of Daniel Caesar, you should be familiar with Sean Leon’s name. Sean, along with a few other producers, helped create a couple of songs for the super talented Caesar. With the release of “Burn Everything,” Sean makes it clear that he is ready to start his solo career back up.

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“Burn Everything” is the kind of music that I want to hear from Kanye West 80% of the time these days. The song boasts this electrifying/explosive/robots-have-taken-control-of-the-senate-ass beat that provokes Ye to bless us with overly passionate/daring vocals. As for Sean Leon, he shines in the song, too. In his verses, he relies on these infectious/auto-tuned-up melodic raps to let the world know that he is a legend that deserves already taken women. All in all, I really rock with this song’s fiery energy.

Go ahead and give “Burn Everything” a few spins below.