I Won’t Let You Die Young

Bad Flamingo

An alt-rock single fit for a spaghetti western.

The ultra-mysterious musical duo, Bad Flamingo, are a country-loving twosome who are unlike anything you’ve heard before. Known only as The One on the Left and the One on the Right, this mask-wearing duo prefers to keep their real-life identities a secret. Likewise, these two stay private on social media, outside of their heavily referenced Oscar Wilde quote. This quote states, “Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” One of Bad Flamingo’s biggest hits is the synth and alternative track, “Bees Making Honey.” This unique mix, and more, is available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. Bad Flamingo’s latest drop is the alternative rock single, “I Won’t Let You Die Young.”

A haunting blend of stripped-down instrumentals leaves us with the idea that we are not alone, but we’re also thrown into the past with evocative sounds. “I Won’t Let You Die Young” will make you feel like you’re watching a good old spaghetti western and just happened to hear this in the movie. Lyrics like “Meet me in the sky, I spent my life, learning how to die” are powerfully delivered by commanding, sultry vocals. Of course, they speak to the mysterious noir country style that the duo loves. Its twangy guitar moments and chilling tambourine jingles make Bad Flamingo’s latest offering dark and bloodied. This track embodies elements of gothic romance and the grit of the Old West. So, press play and dive into the rustic world of Bad Flamingo’s “I Won’t Let You Die Young.”