ICYMI: Top 5 Underrated Albums From Last Week (Episode 3)

These are five albums from last week that we didn’t get to review, but we highly recommend that you give a spin.



5. Troy Ave – New York City: The Movie

If Troy Ave didn’t catch a case, I think he would be a lot bigger than he is today. In my opinion, he has an appealing style that fits what true hip-hop fans want to hear. This past weekend, Troy Ave released a thirteen-track project called New York City: The Movie. What’s interesting about the album is that it features everything from incomplete tracks to fun-loving street tracks to G-Unit-era street tracks. Though I wish the audio quality on a good chunk of the songs was better, at the end of the day, if you are in the mood for gritty raps and tough-ass beats, this is a project you should press play on.

4. Money Man – Blackout: The Sequel

Money Man is a machine. I feel like every other week he has some new s**t for us. This past weekend, Money Man dropped off a 20-track project called Blackout: The Sequel. As expected, in the album, the Cleveland, OH rapper hits us with nothing but club-ready trap beats, infectious melodies, tons of autotune, and lyrics that will ignite trappers who love fast money, women, and altercations. More than anything, I think this album will go hard in ratchet nightclubs.

3. Tsu Surf – DISPARU

Even though Tsu Surf is in jail right now, it hasn’t stopped him from releasing new music. On Friday, a new album from him called DISPARU hit streaming services. The project, which features guest appearances from Jim Jones and Remy Ma, is heavy on the emotional side as it boasts a bunch of dramatic beats and touching vibes. It also boasts a bunch of verses that have Tsu keeping it a stack about the people around him and the ones that are wishing for his downfall. Overall, I think DISPARU is perfect for any fan of engaging hip-hop music.

2. Sheek Louch – Beast Mode 5

Let me tell you a secret: Sheek Louch was my favorite rapper from The Lox growing up. I just felt like his verses hit the hardest in the group at the time. Obviously, Jadakiss has surpassed everyone; however, Sheek is still ticking. This weekend, he released the fifth installment of his Beast Mode series. I think the project is pretty good. Matter of fact, I believe you get a vintage version of the New York rapper in it.

1. Stormzy – This Is What I Mean

I really appreciate Stormzy’s approach to music. He just comes across as someone who knows exactly who he is as an artist. With that being said, Stormzy’s latest offering, This Is What I Mean, is one of his deepest projects to date. In it, the UK rapper primarily dabbles in emotional instrumentals and flexes his vocal skills quite a bit. While his truest fans might not love the approach he takes on this album, I do think it indicates growth for him. So, I echo exactly what Stomrzy said on social media: Listen to the album with an open heart.

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