A punk single that feels moody.

Music group, MISFIT ALLEY, provide an “exhilarating brand of New Wave Pop Punk infused with edgy Hip-Hop elements.” This band initially came together during the summer of 2021. What they tend to give listeners is relatable lyrics that explore feeling misunderstood and “personal daily struggles in adulthood while still trying to figure out the meaning of life.” Since their start, MISFIT ALLEY has released five tracks that showcase their unique new wave style. Their discography is available on Spotify and SoundCloud. MISFIT ALLEY’s latest drop is the punk single “Mess.”

A mix of 00’s indie rock and spine-tingling pop-punk makes this hit a powerful mix. In other words, “Mess” offers a captivating blend of alternative sounds. In a sense, it’s a mess of its own. Lyrics like “I closed my eyes, Cause I don’t wanna see, The mess I made” and “They want me to fight, But outside its so bright, I just wanna get by, Shimmering candlelights” explore inner struggles and other people’s expectations. At the same time, there’s always a reminder that, no matter what, we are more than the messes we make. Just because we screwed something up doesn’t mean it’s the end. Nostalgic elements and a somber exploration make that much clearer. MISFIT ALLEY gifts us a striking alt-rock infusion with a dark past. So, press play and experience an emotional ride with MISFIT ALLEY’s “Mess.” Not too emotional, though, just enough to keep us on our toes.