A rock single that is all about giving in to love.

Houston, Texas-based musical creative, JIM, is also known as Jimmy James. James is an artist, vocalist, and producer who is a lifelong lover of the craft. JIM initially discovered his passion at a young age, which turned into a desire to create breathtaking tunes. Unlike more traditional artists, JIM’s creation process doesn’t conform to any sort of specific formula. His distinctive style has been described as an “unknown genre” and also referred to as a self-created genre. In that same way, there’s no exact method to describe his creations. However, they are available on Spotify. JIM’s latest drop is the self-defined rock single, “Surrender.”

It’s called rock, but it’s soft and warm and almost too heartfelt. As a result, the message overtakes the harsh genre and makes “Surrender” an emotionally tough setting. Lyrics like “Even though I want to lie you down, I can only think about rising above from here” and “Feels so right for like the millionth time, I swear, Here we, Here we go again” exude plenty of passion. At the same time, they explore the artist’s feelings and inner struggles about love. Maybe rock was the right choice here after all. Between melodic beats and romantic intentions, we’re left with lots to consider about where our own love is going too. JIM has gifted us something unique and impressionable, able to seduce even the most nostalgic rock lovers. So, press play on “Surrender” to let go of your love’s problems.