ARIA Knows "I'm Wrong"

I’m Wrong


A modern trap pop-punk song about crazy love.

Maryland native, ARIA, is an independent rapper and singer. Growing up, he always gravitated toward hip-hop. Since making music, though, he’s embraced other genres as well. With that being said, ARIA dabbles in elements of pop, rap, rock, and even dance. His work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. ARIA’s latest single, “I’m Wrong,” takes on a total rock attitude; more so than any of his pieces before. The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

Relationships are never easy; ARIA knows that all too well. There’s a constant back and forth in his case, but he’s more than willing to stick this one out. Lyrics like “I was showing love and hoping I could get it right back” and “I’ve been tryna treat you right, I know I’m not” give insight into the mistakes he’s made. Mellow beats and punk rock heavy guitar riffs mold well with his electric voice. A song that’s meant to be emotional and somber instead has a hardcore spirit. Even if you can’t relate to the content, its hyped energy is more than enough to get you vibing. So, stream ARIA’s “I’m Wrong” to learn how to take on messy relationships.