After Dark


A pop gem bursting with infectious energy.

Washington, DC, native, ARIA, is an independent rapper, songwriter, and producer who loves music and redefining it. Since beginning his musical journey, ARIA has dedicated years to perfecting his craft. His sound offers a stylish blend of “bouncy lyricism and catchy production.” One of his many focuses is to offer his listeners “engaging themes” that are meant to create a lasting impression. Some of ARIA’s influences include artists like JAY-Z, 2Pac, and Eminem. One of his previous hits includes the admission piece, “I’m Wrong.” All of his music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. ARIA’s latest drop is the pop single “After Dark.”

Uplifting and sweet moments help “After Dark” provide a fun and feel-good soundscape. This is a song that discusses the most beautiful and terrible ways that someone can get into your life. It’s both a lovely and horrible sensation to have one person be the center of everything you do. Lyrics like “You hit me up in the morning so Imma be there soon / Won’t try to show it but I’m rude / I’m the same way with everybody else but you” and “Nothing ever goes right / Let you ruin my night” reminisce on a complex relationship. However, there’s no room for error, and we don’t want to leave something this painfully good. So, press play to experience what happens “After Dark.”

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