Wine Drunk

Katie Thorne

A pop gem that is totally intoxicating.

Australian-based musical creative, Katie Thorne, is a singer and songwriter who has been around in the music scene. The Sydney-based Dubbo native offers her listeners a loving, rather tough-loving, approach to listening. As a result, Thorne leaves everyone with the feeling of support, like you have a friend behind you always. While the music genre revolves around pop, it serves as a reminder of what true friendship is. This is the type of artist who could be your best friend. Thorne’s previous work includes singles like “In My Room” and “I Hate Your Girlfriend.” All of her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Katie Thorne’s latest drop is the five-track pop EP, Wine Drunk, which opens with the same title song.

We’re mesmerized by “Wine Drunk,” because the music perfectly reflects the confusion and haziness that comes with being intoxicated. At the same time, though, it’s romantic enough to be considered a love song. This hit serves more as a letter to why Thorne can get drunk around a lover, but no one else. Lyrics like “Never thought that I’d write another song like this, but you came along and the words fell off my tongue” and “With everyone else, I’m so awkward, but you make me feel like a star” intimately explores the lust-filled delight of new romance. It contains rich vocals and plenty of passion, enough to seduce your earbuds and leave you longing for more. So, press play on Katie Thorne and get “Wine Drunk” for some love.

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