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Juvenile & Birdman Flex Their Boss Statuses In “Ali”

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Birdman & Juvenile

See what happens when you pay folks back?

Cash Money Records was one of my favorite hip-hop movements of all time. While everyone will point to the work that Lil Wayne did for the label, Juvenile was the one that got s**t off the ground. Matter of fact, if it wasn’t for “Ha,” there might not be a Cash Money anymore. Anywho, today, Juvenile and Birdman decided to each give themselves flowers in “Ali.”

On some real s**t, neither Birdman nor Juvenile has lost a step. In “Ali,” the two musicians rap with a nice pep to their step, sound unapologetically southern, come across as refreshing carefree, and actually flow really well over the feel-good/bright production that they are handed. If you were a fan of Cash Money Records, it will be impossible to leave this song without a smile on your face.

Now that BG is out, go ahead and reunite the whole Hot Boys, y’all (I would pay money to see this)!

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