808 Saints Has Everyone On The "Same Team"

Same Team

808 Saints

A love-filled R&B song for a new generation.

Rapper-producer duo, 808 Saints, was raised in Texas where they separately explored their musical interests and crafted their skills. In 2018, they came together to turn their signature sounds into a more unique, cultivated one. The duo released their first single, “2020,” in the same year, of course. In 2021, 808 Saints dropped their debut album, BeatuS. Following that, they created additional singles like “Promise (Same Sh*t)”, “Breeze”, and “LITTY” in 2022. Their full discography is available on Spotify. This past year, 808 Saints released their second album, BeatuS II. The project contains their newest single, “Same Team.” 

“Same Team” is a chill, mid-tempo trap song that does some magic with an acoustic guitar. It is not meant to be taken lightly, however. This song is about overcoming the problems every couple faces. It inspires fans to appreciate their partner and not to argue over the little things because you’re on the same team. In the end, the little arguments won’t matter nearly as much as you do to each other. This is definitely a love song for those who appreciate laidback music or just need a reminder that not everyone is against you. So, press play so that you can remind yourself that you and your partner are on the “Same Team.”

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