No More Friends

Rich The Kid

NBA YoungBoy is nodding his head right now looking at this song title.

I have a feeling that Rich The Kid will end up having a big 2023. After getting chewed out by NBA YoungBoy for being disloyal, he might have a chip on his shoulder that is bigger than the insects in Texas. If my theory is correct, “No More Friends” is a good start.

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Rich The Kid is on the same exact tip that he was on when he first came out. In “No More Friends,” he mumble raps about turning water to wine, getting it out of the mud, making money off mixtapes, crashing cars, and cutting off leeches. The two-minute-long song, which features a Twilight Zone-ass beat, comes and goes so quickly, you’ll probably have to listen to it two times in a row to have it fully click with you.

Give “No More Friends” by Rich The Kid a shot below.