from me


A hip-hop tune that commands our attention.

Savv is an artist who truly stands out amongst the crowd of hip-hop creators. While proclaiming himself a modern artist, his music also appeals to a wide range of listeners. One of Savv’s most famous pieces is the one he dedicated to his grandmother’s Alzheimer’s. Some of his other drops include “Winter,” “Scorpion,” and “Loners Anthems.” These, as well as his other songs, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. One of Savv’s recent releases is the hip-hop single “from me.” The song is also featured on his eight-track 2022 album, grief.

“from me” may be a somber soundscape, but it also reminds us of what we could lose if we get too far ahead of ourselves. Lyrics like “I can’t make time to reflect on if I’m legendary, Looking at me through the mirror like I’m bloody mary” and “I’ve got everything that you thought you would ever need” show the artist getting real about the envy that comes with being a trendsetter. At the same time, the undertones remind us that we aren’t guaranteed everything just because we’re popular. A dark and moody instrumental blend combines with a captivating exploration of what it is to be on top. Overall, Savv gifts us with a dynamic hip-hop tune that instantly commands our attention. So, press play and dive into “from me.”

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