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Elijah The Boy Tries to Get “Over You”

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Over You

Elijah The Boy

A hip-hop single that captures the pain of heartbreak.

New York native, Elijah the Boy, is an artist who has been cranking out plenty of ear-pleasing hits throughout his music career. Some of his popular creations include singles like “Send Em Up,” “Hard Days,” and “Make a Name.” The artist has received plenty of recognition for his efforts reaching high numbers; these include more than 20 million plays on SoundCloud, over nine million live streams on Spotify, and 70,000+ subscribers on YouTube. As a result, Elijah has more attention than many other hip-hop artists currently. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Elijah the Boy’s latest drop is the hip-hop single, “Over You.” The song also has an official lyric video.

A moody blend of beats may set up a good message, and this song does just that. “Over You” sets a somber tone to complement its reflection on heartbreak. Lyrics like “I know that my heart ain’t really broken but it feels like that” and “If I said I love you, I still love you cause I’m real like that, I aint know that heartbreak feel like dying, yeah it kill like that” hear the artist open up about the painful experience of getting cheated on. At the same time, they remind us that, even when we’re upset, we can’t let it brush away all our love. Elijah gifts us a truly captivating listen that unapologetically displays just how hard it can be to move on from a broken heart. So, press play on Elijah the Boy and let the artist reveal how to get “Over You.”

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