ICYMI: The 5 Most Underrated Albums of the Week (12/21)

These are five albums from last week that we didn’t get to review, but we highly recommend that you give a spin.

There was so much heat that dropped this past weekend, it took me a long-ass time to release this post.


5. PinkPantheress – Take Me Home

I think I have a crush on PinkPantheress. Aside from her pretty face, I also like her quirky personality. This past weekend, my crush decided to release a three-track EP called Take Me Home. The project is upbeat, unconventional, and exciting. PP, thanks for being you. Now, please answer your phone!

4. Def Jam – Def The Halls

Who doesn’t love Christmas music? It’s especially dope when you get Christmas songs created by professional singers. This past weekend, Def Jam decided to release a Christmas album called Def The Halls. In it, artists such as DanilLeigh, Jhene Aiko, AUGUST 08, and Alessia Cara bless us with truly unique Christmas records. If you need help trying to get into the Christmas spirit, let this project run in the background (Damn, I said Christmas a lot here. I must be due for a damn Christmas break).

3. Lil Durk & OTF – Loyal Bros 2

Lil Durk’s OTF roster isn’t widely known. With that being said, Durk’s popularity will trigger music fans to listen to any project that they drop. Their latest, Loyal Bros 2, is actually pretty solid. Aside from the blazing hot Durk bangers, “Set It Off,” “Mad Max,” and “Hanging With Wolves,” you also get solid showings from Doodie Lo, Booka600, and more. While I don’t like doing full reviews for collaboration projects, this is one that I do think flows well and stays true to Lil Durk’s sound.

Seriously, listen to “Set It Off” and “Max Max.” Those are two of Durk’s best songs from this year.

2. NoCap – The Main Bird

My podcast partner, Uche, is high on NoCap. He thinks that the Alabama rapper is extremely skilled. Uch also thinks that he makes some of the best emotional trap music on the planet. The Main Bird highlights his two points. The seven-track project, which is really supposed to be 16 tracks long, features its fair share of touching trap vibes and trill lyrics. It also has a few club bangers. To me, the project solidifies that NoCap is a number one option.

1. Little Simz – No Thank You

Word on the streets is that Little Simz is the best UK rapper on the planet… While I probably can’t speak on the UK rap scene, I can say this: Based on what I heard in No Thank You, Simz is f**king nice! She has some of the best flows I’ve ever heard, her competitive nature is inspiring, and it seems like every word that comes out of her mouth is wise as hell. Aside from her raps, this album features some of the liveliest and most organic beats I’ve heard this year. All in all, I’m saying thank you to Simz for releasing No Thank You.

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