Don’t Wanna Die Young


BEAUnz channels his inner Post Malone in “Don’t Wanna Die Young.”

If you are a music fan, you have to appreciate emo hip-hop songs. Not only do they usually feature infectious melodies, but they also usually feature painfully relatable lyrics. An emotional hip-hop song that I highly recommend is “Don’t Wanna Die Young” by up-and-coming Portland artist BEAUnz.

One of my favorite Post Malone songs is “Too Young;” “Don’t Wanna Die Young” by BEAUnz sort of sounds like a remix to the 2018 hit. The song, which is powered by this touching/serene hip-hop beat, features lyrics that will make you thankful for what you have and how far you have come in life. It will also make you analyze your flaws. More than anything, the passionate and strung-out vocals that BEAUnz blesses us with will strike a chord with you mightily. All in all, “Don’t Wanna Die Young” is a jam that is very hard to ignore.

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