Sani Knight

An alternative R&B single that examines a toxic relationship.

Los Angeles, California-based musical creative, Sani Knight, is an indie R&B/hip-hop singer and songwriter. This talented artist offers his listeners an unquestionably unique experience through his distinctive style that blends rap, pop, and hip-hop. Sani’s influences include artists like 6LACK, Che Ecru, and The Weeknd. Some of his previous creations are tracks like “Paranoid,” “Ride for You,” and “Heaven Sent.” These, and more, are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. One of Sani Knight’s recent drops is the R&B single, “Ivy.”

“Ivy” provides an emotional reflection on an unhealthy relationship; one that has everyone questioning why it’s still going on. Lyrics like “Poison inside of my mind / Maybe that’s all that I know” and “See why I fall for you time after time after time / I can’t get it to end / I know it’s causing me damage but this s*** is hard to accept” explore struggles that come with staying with a toxic significant other. With plenty of moody moments, Knight gifts us an ear-pleasing alt-R&B tune that thoughtfully explores the pains of craving a person that’s problematic. So, press play and experience Sani Knight’s “Ivy.”