The Crown

Ashes & Arrows

A captivating folk tune about never backing down.

Asheville, North Carolina and Arrowtown, New Zealand-based music team, Ashes & Arrows, is a country/Americana/folk band. The musical group includes Ben Voigt (vocalist and piano), Ciaran McMeeken (vocalist and guitarist), and Jonathan Calhoun (vocalist and guitarist). Taking inspiration from artists like NEEDTODBREATH, Ed Sheeran, Jason Isbel, and Patrick Droney, Ashes & Arrows create songs “in a unique and authentically original form.” Since their conception, the band has become well recognized for their “strong vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and on-stage charisma.” Their discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Ashes & Arrows’ latest drop is the six-track folk EP Forward. The project features the song “The Crown.”

“The Crown” provides a captivating soundscape that will make you understand what it looks like to be crazy with power. Lyrics like “Heavy is the head with the crown / Far too proud now to look down / I can’t go back, no, not now” and “I’m the jester on the throne cause the king moved out / Weary Is the mask of the clown” reflect on never giving up, even when the odds are against you. At the same time, it’s a reminder that you can lose your crown if you make errant steps in your life. Do we deserve it if we abuse it, though? With no shortage of powerful moments, Ashes & Arrows gift us a thoughtfully crafted folk fusion you definitely won’t forget. So, press play below to feel the weight of “The Crown.”

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