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On Wat U On

MoneyBagg Yo (Ft. GloRilla)

The two CMG artists go back and forth on some toxic relationship s**t in this hard-hitting banger.

MoneyBagg Yo and GloRilla are arguably the biggest rappers out of Memphis right now. That’s saying a lot because the city houses several booming artists. With that being said, what I like about both MoneyBagg and Glo is that they come across as genuine individuals. Today, the duo decided to release “Wat U On,” a track in which they fight about the same basic relationship s**t that ordinary people fight about.

In “On Wat U On,” MoneyBagg Yo and GloRilla play like they are in a spiraling relationship with one another. Throughout the song, the latter accuses the former of cheating and showing no affection toward her, while the former accuses the latter of taking things too far when they argue. By the sounds of it, it seems like both parties are done with the relationship as a whole. What I love about the song is that it features a back-and-forth that will go very well with some buttery popcorn. I also f**k with the menacing beat that both MoneyBagg and Glo rap over.

Why do toxic relationships sound so fun to me?

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