Pacific Coast Reggae

Clint Warren

Clint Warren gifts us pure reggae-rock music in “Pacific Coast Reggae.”

Reggae is more than just a genre to Clint Warren; it also helped him get through some very tough times. After his family moved to the states from South Africa in the late 90s, he became fascinated with American and Jamaican Reggae. Eventually, Clint enlisted in the US Marines and was stationed in California where he got a chance to learn about Jawaiian Reggae, a mixture of the genre with Hawaiian and Jamaican inspiration. During his time in the army and shortly after, Clint began to find solace in the comforting vibes that reggae music offers. He also found inspiration to help others through the positive words his favorite artists uttered. Throughout his unique career (That includes music-making, being a child TV star, and game show hosting), Clint has worked with African reggae legends such as Lucky Dube, Ras Dumisani, Colbert Mukwevho, and Dave Matthews. Clint’s latest offering is a five-track EP called Pacific Coast Reggae.

Pacific Coast Reggae is a project that is short but sweet (It’s five tracks long). The very first track the project features is the smooth and soothing “Reggae Beat” which is currently ranked #4 on Symphonics’ Blazin Reggae’ playlist and is featured on Pandora AMP: Fresh Cuts and Sirius XM Pandora Now. From there, you get the festive, cultural, and exciting “Land Piranha,” the intoxicating and vivid “Oats,” the vibrant and catchy “New Caledonia,” and the melodramatic and intriguing “Slipaway.” What I love about every song on this EP is that each boasts passionate vocal performances, pure instrumentation, and lyrical content that is as heartwarming and touching as it gets. Overall, if you are a fan of music in general, you will enjoy Pacific Coast Reggae mightily.

Give Pacific Coast Reggae a shot below.

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