Prove It

Jaeger Lost & Priddy

A bass booming trap beat and trill raps power “Prove It.”

Jaeger Lost has been about that action since emerging onto the music scene; how do I know that? Just look at the titles of some of his prior tracks: “let em all drown,” “THE RACE,” “BULLSEYE,” and “beautiful dead petals.” Jaeger’s latest track, “Prove It,” is just as hard as his other releases.

“Prove It” is powered by one of the most bass-heavy/toughest trap beats I’ve heard in a while (Kudos to stardustszn for his production work). Over the beat, Jaegar Lost and Priddy go back and forth on some competitive, heartbreak, and money-stacking s**t. What you’ll love about the song is how the two artists effortlessly rap with these complex flows that make it seem like they had the beat on a leash. You’ll also f**k with the youthful but boss-like swag they give off. All in all, “Prove It” proves that Jaeger and Priddy should not be taken lightly.

Give “Prove It” by Jaegar and Priddy a shot below.

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