Be Somebody

D. Matthews ft. Mazbou Q

A captivating fusion single that radiates positive vibes.

Australia-based musical creative, D. Matthews, is also known as David Matthews. Matthews is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer. This singer first began releasing his own work back in 2018 as a rap artist. However, he later shifted his focus towards Afrobeat/Afropop. Since then, Matthews has been working hard to make a name for himself by performing in various nightclubs and at festivals. His work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. D. Matthews’s latest drop is the fusion single “Be Somebody,” which features artist Mazbou Q. The song also has an accompanying official music video.

“Be Somebody” provides a groovy Afropop mixture to complement something that’s made to help you feel good. Lyrics like “I don’t even know what a rest is, I’m in the lead, and I don’t even know where the rest is” and “Got so many deals I’m assessin’, and I’m the only one with the leverage, This be the year that I get what’s mine” encourages us to keep grinding to reach success. With no shortage of afrobeat and jazzy rhythms, D. Matthews and Mazbou Q gift us a vibrant tune that will inspire you to push through your struggles. So, press play below to let the words of “Be Somebody” inspire you to become your best self.

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