Lee Laamaj

An R&B tune filled with bold declarations of love.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Lee Laamaj, also known as Jamaal Randall, is a multi-talented musician, rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter. With a longstanding passion for music, rising artist Laamaj has been hard at work. He has been performing at Black College Expos across the U.S. and collaborating with various musical artists in the United Kingdom. Laamaj has also performed at the Staples Center, along with performing for SOVO Magazine and for KJLH. He’s even appeared on LATV’s The Zoo as a special guest. Lee’s previous work includes the hits “Tether” and “Denim.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify and Apple Music. Lee Laamaj’s latest drop is the R&B single, “Breathe.”

“Breathe” is all about the giving and receiving of love. It sounds like most of the internal thoughts that everyone experiences at one time or another. At the same time, it talks about having someone see past all of your personal feelings about yourself and still loving you for it. Lyrics like “Who knew someone like you could love me, Hold my hand into the darkness, light some candles in the corners” and “You saw my soul and you held me, And now my heart is so wealthy, You make my dreams come true” reminisce on the breathtaking feeling that comes from being head over heels in love. However, the most important part is having someone love you despite your flaws. Laamaj’s new single beautifully captures the true passion and purpose of romance. So, press play below to feel the love of learning how to “Breathe.”

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