Lee Laamaj

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A captivating hip-hop track that brings plenty of heat.

Los- Angeles-based musical creative Jamaal Randall (aka Lee Laamaj) is a multi-talented rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter that is currently focused on making his music universal. He performs at Black College Expos all over the US and collaborates with various artists throughout the UK. Lee’s most recent release is Los Vibris Forever. “Tether” is one of the new album’s 17 tracks and features the Atlanta, Georgia-based artist Pink Nois.

Starting out with a vibrant retro 16-bit sound, “Tether” commands attention straightaway. Once Lee Laamaj gets going, the track’s otherworldly ambient tones complement his well-paced delivery. Lyrics such as “I don’t trust banks so I’m saving in change” and “Up in the stu getting litty, I’m taking over the city” offer up a personal reflection from the artist with unapologetic honesty. You cannot afford to miss out on Lee Laamaj’s latest work, so press play and get sucked into the uplifting experience of “Tether.”