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Onyx Leon Is Always “Better Than Me”

Onyx Leon Will Always Be "Better Than Me"

Better Than Me

Onyx Leon

An R&B track that proves confidence is a killer. 

Composed of Erik Antonio and Romain, Onyx Leon is a New York-based R&B duo that has been actively performing since 2016. Taking inspiration from the 90s and early 2000s, they’ve created their own lane when it comes to making music. Onyx Leon’s full discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. After taking a two-year break, the duo has now returned with their new single, “Better Than Me.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Better Than Me” has a beat that kicks. It only really sounds powerful when you have headphones in and can really hear all of its magical elements. Onyx Leon enters the track bringing in beautiful vocals that hit multiple highs and lows. Majestic and bold are just a few ways to describe their cadences. As for lyrically, right away, OL let us know that there’s no one else quite like them, and they’re right. Their confidence shines bright and gives others inspiration to live life unbothered. For them, it’s not about being cocky; it’s about realizing you’re just that good. So, stream Onyx Leon’s “Better Than Me” to listen to a song that helps you find your internal confidence.

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