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IMG via Spotify


Est Gee

Est Gee is in one helluva zone.

Est Gee isn’t for everyone. I feel like you have to enjoy raw, grungy, and violent trap music to fully appreciate him. This past weekend, Gee returned to the music scene with two brand new singles: “BLOW UP” and “IF I STOP NOW.”

“IF I STOP NOW” is an emotional trap banger, while “BLOW UP” is a cold, gritty trap banger. In the former, Est relies heavily on passionate vocals to speak about his relationship with his girl, his homies, and his gun. In the latter, Est relies on an extremely grungy and catchy sound to speak on his perilous street moves. While I prefer “IF I STOP NOW,” I think both tracks move the needle when it comes to authentic street s**t.

Give both “BLOW UP” and “IF I STOP NOW” shots below.

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