Man Dey a Road


A reggae tune that reflects on life’s never-ending grind.

Brooklyn, New York-based musical creative, KRU 5IFTY 2WO, is also known as Shaun Thompson. Thompson is a singer and songwriter who offers a unique blend of vibrant West Indian music infused with modern-day hip-hop. Some of KRU 5IFTY 2WO’s influences are artists like Eminem and dancehall king, Vybz Kartel. In addition to crafting his own unique tracks, the talented singer has also written a number of songs for other artists. Most of these songs, and all of his own, are available on his Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. KRU 5IFTY 2WO’s latest drop is the reggae fusion single, “Man Dey A Road.” The song also has a live performance video.

This is a hit set for the stage and meant to be danced to. It’s not quite as intense as most others, but it has plenty to offer anyone who needs some excitement in their life at any point. Lyrics like “Promise I’ll find the time for you soon / I gotta make money moves” and “Baby, I gotta hunt for my food / Bettin’ on myself / Every time I choose / If you need some help / Imma Zelle that too” reflect on balancing love with life’s never-ending grind. The message is to enjoy the other parts of life instead of only focusing on work. Hence, this song is perfect for a setting with good vibes. So, press play below and crank up “Man Dey A Road” to remember how your life should be balanced.

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