Rhymie Lee Finds Us A "Reason for Breathing"

Reason for Breathing

Rhymie Lee

A conscious rap track about our purpose in life.

Rhymie Lee is an artist, modern-day poet, and songwriter. It was at age 8 when he first started writing rhymes heavily influenced by the rap duo Kris Kross. For a while, as an MC, Lee focused on crafting Jungle and Garage music. His adult years, however, saw him switch gears and lean heavily into hip-hop. His lyrical content also became more expressive and open. Lee best describes his style as a fusion between jungle music, hip hop, and reggae. His discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Rhymie Lee’s latest release is the single, “Reason for Breathing.”

If you are looking for any purpose in life, Rhymie Lee gives you plenty in this inspirational hit. In “Reason For Breathing,” Lee explores heavy topics such as skepticism, existential dread, and spirituality, providing mindful lyrics that will help to bring you closer to your spiritual side. Lyrics like “What are we here for / Why aren’t we here / Look deep in your spirit / The answer is there” give us cause to self-reflect and look within ourselves for meaning. With time rapidly moving, he encourages us to focus on the things that matter like family and relationships. Lee takes our panic and skillfully molds it into hope. So, stream “Reason for Breathing” to hear a song that pushes you to keep living life.

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