I Got The Moves

Smyly Sickwitit

Smyly Sickwitit continues to prove to the world that he is a very diverse artist.

If you’ve followed Smyly Sickwitit throughout the years, you’re probably aware of his powerful records. Matter of fact, his last project, High Point Village, boasts some of the hardest and most soulful tracks I’ve heard in the past couple of months. With that being said, Smyly decided to start 2023 with a completely different vibe… A groovy vibe!

I’m not going to lie, I am shocked by how “I Got The Moves” sounds. In the song, which is powered by uptempo instrumentation that has all kinds of dance-ready vibes, Smyly Sickwitit relies on an upbeat and old-school rap style to get folks at a party off their feet and to impress his partner for the night. What I think listeners have to appreciate is how catchy, fun, spirited, motivational, and creative the track sounds as a whole. You also have to appreciate Smyly’s fearlessness when it comes to tackling a sound like this.

Smyly Sickwitit sounds like a complete natural in this song.