A scrumptious alternative pop single.

Musical creative, YUNG LACED, is an emerging producer and singer whose attention-grabbing tunes are already making waves in the hyperpop scene. This artist’s distinctive sound is “a thrilling blend of traditional pop with fast-paced drums and melodies that are infectious.” LACED began his music career as an audio engineer, creating tunes for other artists. Nowadays, the producer mixes and masters all his own work and has become well-known for his “fast-paced, heavy autotune style approach.” LACED’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest drop is the alternative pop single, “peppermint.”

While starting out with an easygoing blend of instrumentals, “peppermint” quickly transforms into an ear-pleasing fusion of beats that will instantly grab your attention. It’s meant to keep it too by giving a message of both self-empowerment and detriment. Lyrics like “Pull up in the phantom, you can’t see the whip / Walk into the spot, you know what it is” and “Stripes on her sweater, look like peppermint / I seen the s*** you rocking, you irrelevant” offer dreamy senses thanks to the track’s autotune vocals. There are also some sweet bedroom pop elements interlaced. YUNG LACED’s latest creation offers up the perfect combination of soft moments and fast-paced energy. So, press play to give yourself a taste of the artist’s “peppermint” style while learning to make your own.

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