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Clean Cut


A heartfelt pop tune that reflects on heartbreak.

Nashville, Tennessee-based musical creative, BIZZY, is a very talented pop artist. Prior to her solo career, BIZZY was already making waves in the indie-pop scene writing songs for other artists. Her sound combines “the vulnerability learned from Taylor Swift, the authenticity of Julia Michaels, and the production sound of Rainbow Kitten Surprise.” Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. BIZZY’s latest drop is the pop single, “Clean Cut.”

We’re on a track of sadder songs with mellow backbeats lately, and this is the newest addition to the library. This song elicits plenty of emotions, but it’s all surrounded by such soft sounds that it feels almost romantic. Lyrics like “You can’t kiss and make it better, even though I want you to / And there’s no amount of pressure, that can close this open wound” and “Yeah, you can say you’re sorry but please don’t touch” vulnerably reflect on the pains of getting hurt by the person you love most. With its easygoing soundscape and no shortage of heart-tugging declarations, BIZZY gifts us with an intimate and relatable tale of heartbreak. So, press play below to experience the relationship woes of “Clean Cut.”

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